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"Working with Dyane and the horses was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable, and really helped me to better understand how "herd dynamics" work and it truly made me reflective... there's so much to learn!!!! Can’t wait to do more." Laurie Corles
"Dyane’s session really helped me to clarify and identify some issues i was facing. After gaining some insight as to what was going on, it really helped me to start to overcome them. Dyane’s knowledge of, and passion for horses is obvious, and because she makes you feel so comfortable, it allows you to get to the root of your deepest feelings and issues." - Robyn Mei
"Being with Dyane and the horses was an experience that opened doors in myself that i had forgotten about. Dyane's energy is so much fun and totally contagious. She is a true professional who is authentic, caring and warm. The horses are amazing, it's like they can read my mind! The way they communicate once i learned what to look for was so obvious and clear. They are beautiful, spiritual beings that have the ability to transform us by inviting us into their world for a while...what an honor!!" - Cris Lindsay
"What a shock. Dyane worked with me and my 3 horses that i feel i know very well. Their behavior once she started the session showed a marked distress and they all dropped to the ground and rolled onto their backs. it was obvious they wanted me to rid myself of the ‘load’ on my own back. Without Dyane’s keen sense of direction and her facilitation of our session. I would never have noticed what my horses were saying to me. i learned a great deal in a very short period of time and will always pay attention to my horses in a new way. They are so in tune to us if we just listen." Kristie Bo
"When i found out about the idea that a horse was going to help me figure out my "issues", i thought it would be interesting at best. i was game to try it because I’m always curious about improving my quality of life. it started out slow, as the horse so many times kept coming up to me and then abruptly leaving....wow, in a nutshell it was just like my real life, people keep coming and going in and out of my life, just like the horse was telling me. It was quite profound and it astounded me that this outcome was attained through Dyane's guidance and ability to be attuned to what the horse sensed. There was much more of an outcome than the simple statement above but it's too long to mention here. Dyane has a gift when it comes to paying attention to the natural capability of horses and their sixth sense. The horse got right to the core of a problem for me, something i wasn't able to get myself. i would do it again in a heartbeat!!!" Tom Elledge
I hope all things are well with you and your amazing horses. Thank you so much for the experience that you shared with the children of Phoenix Youth at Risk. Not everyone is willing to take time out of there day to reach out to others. The smiles on their faces and the sound of their giggles are a true reflection of your kind and generous spirit. Ashlynn is still talking about how wonderful you and your horses are and has been asking about you. I think you left a deeper impression on her than you can know. She is an amazing kid living in a difficult situation but by having the opportunity to meet strong, independent and kind women is one way that she will make her way to an easier life. So, thank you for being another positive example of what a woman can be. Sincerely, Jennifer Mills
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